Get those creative juices flowing…

Get those creative juices flowing 6-4-18

I love podcasts and I was recently listening to the Slow Home podcast where they brought up the idea of doing a daily creative challenge for a month. At first I scoffed a little bit. After all, I am an artist! I do some creative work everyday. (Even if it is crocheting hundreds of tiny, yellow “pollen pods” while watching the new season of The Handmaids Tale, or embroidering a nine foot piece of linen while binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy…not exactly creative work, but I’m at least I’m moving towards a creative goal!)

The truth is that many days or even weeks may go by before I am back in the studio actually being creative and trying to puzzle out the next thing to do on a sculpture or project. I know some artists who do a daily drawing in the morning or play on their iPad to create some imagery or take an interesting daily photograph. All wonderful things to do. I am gobsmacked by artists who  go into their studio on a daily basis AND SPENT MANY HOURS WORKING ON THEIR ART! So jealous. I wish I had that dedication. Instead, I have worked out a way to do my art everyday but it’s not exactly creative work, it’s more like grunt work. Case in point? Crocheting tiny pollen pods most evenings while watching TV.

Still, I wanted to do the challenge because I really love a challenge. Trying something for a month is not too overwhelming and you can quit at the end of the month. I once did the National Novel Writing Month challenge with a friend. I wrote, but did not finish, an awful novel. However, my friend did write a novel and is now working on getting it published. The challenge set her on a new journey and she is currently working on her second novel!

What sort of creative challenge might interest you? Even if you do spend several hours in your studio creating everyday, perhaps there is something new you would like to try? Playing an instrument? Dancing? Writing poetry? Singing? Baking a cake? Maybe you could return to something you once loved and stopped doing. Perhaps you feel you have no time to do anything. Could you squeeze in 15 minutes of creative fun somewhere in your daily life?

Not inspired? Check out my post from a few years back. 52 Projects might get those creative juices flowing!

Only the Boring are bored

After thinking it over, I have decided that I would like to write more. Why not try and poke this coma of a blog into life with more than one post every few months? I realized that my barrier for posting is finding a decent chunk of time to write a post. I wonder if committing myself to only 15 minutes a day of writing right after breakfast might be a reasonable challenge? I’m going to give it a try. So far, it’s worked out well for this post which took me about four days to write. However….

if there are no more posts after this one, then you know what happened!