Art Book-of-the-Month: DAYBOOK

I am rereading Daybook: The Journal of an Artist by Anne Truitt. I read this book years ago and, to be honest, completely forgot most of it. I had a sense that I really enjoyed the book but other than saying it was excerpts from a diary she kept, that’s all I remembered. 

Rereading it again…or anew, has been a lovely experience! I had forgotten how eloquently and beautifully she wrote. I have the sense that I am sometimes caught up in a dream, floating along on her thoughts and meditations. It’s truly a pleasure. 

What strikes me is how an established artist exhibits similar doubts and frustrations that I think all artists struggle with, famous or not. Doubt about the work. Frustration that others just don’t “get it” or even “see it”. Challenges regarding time management and energy. Work/Life balance. Remaining true to a vision. Trying to be courageous. 

I wanted to share a few passages with you, but after leafing through the book, I realized that I could not pick just one or two quotes. I wanted to share the entire book! Her prose is jewel-like. Each day has its own focus. After reading it once, you will be able to pick the book up, open to a random page and enjoy a new insight each time. 

I love to learn about artists by reading what they have written. Memoirs are my favorite, but diaries fall into that same category. I get so much out of reading about their process, their inspiration, their history. It can be any type of artist…a painter, sculptor, writer, actor, musician. It doesn’t matter. I enjoy reading about how creative people live their lives.

If you have a few days left for some dreamy summer reading and inspiration, consider this book the next time you head to the beach or back porch!

If you like to read artist memoirs. Here are few others I can recommend…

M Train by Patti Smith

Just Kids by Patti Smith

My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem

Hold Still by Sally Mann

Porcelain: A Memoir by Moby

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