Storing Inspiration

How do you keep track of things that inspire you?

Finding and holding onto inspiration is a hard thing. It’s like seeing bright and shiny objects everywhere. I want to collect them all and save them for later. However, I forget to do it and weeks later, I try and remember…what was that thing again?

I used to have a sketchbook where I would write down my ideas, but it never seemed to be handy when I needed it.  And, it wasn’t really a sketchbook, it was more like a journal with the occasional scribbled illustration of a concept or a structure. I wrote about it in my blog post, My Sketchy Sketchbook. LINK

A couple of years ago, I became fascinated by the Bullet Journal (BUJO) craze. I played around with it a bit and realized that drawing out fancy calendars and creating pretty tracking pages was not for me. It was too time consuming. HOWEVER, their method of keeping track of notes was the solution I had been searching for to keep everything in one logical place. I keep my calendar totally separate, but the rest of my life is in my little notebook. I use a small spiral bound notebook that fits in my purse. Whenever I have some notes I need to make or ideas I want to save, I turn to a new page, make the note and then put it in the index. Voila! Everything is in one place and indexed so I can find it again. I keep meeting notes, reading notes, ideas, random thoughts, lists, goals, book lists, sketches, etc. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years and I can go back and find what I am looking for without too much trouble. This has solved about 80% of my issues and I love it! 

The other big problem I recently resolved is how to keep track of all of the articles, ideas, etc. that I pull out of magazines or newspapers. If it’s something pertinent to a current project,  I throw it into the project bin or put it on the project shelf ala Twyla Tharp’s method of keeping everything for one project in bankers boxes. LINK But generally, it’s just something I think is cool, so I throw it in my INSPIRATION BOX. There is no filing system. When I need inspiration, I rummage around and often, an item in the box will spark an idea. If I’m looking for something I tore out of a magazine, it’s most likely in the Inspiration Box. Sometimes, while I’m looking through it, I’ll throw out things that no longer interest me which keeps the volume manageable. It’s fairly crude, but it really works! 

My last huge problem is keeping track of all things digital. Lord almighty! I have stuff saved in Facebook, Intagram, Pinterest Boards, bookmarked articles, photos I have taken. I want to easily bookmark podcasts and links I need to check, videos I want to see or watch again. The list is endless. One of my friends recommended Pocket, but I haven’t looked into it yet. I’ve tried Evernote but never really got into it. It’s a problem that is beginning to drive me a little crazy. Help!

How do you keep track of things that inspire you? If you have any good suggestions, please let me know because I’m all ears!

(Featured image: Detail from Important by Jiseon Lee Isbara. I saw this piece last week in her fabulous solo exhibition, Displaced, at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN. )

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