Art Book-of-the-Month: Art & Soul

Art & Soul: Notes on Creating  by Audrey Flack

I read this book long ago when I was first diving more seriously into my art. Back then, I was experimenting with painting and mixed media collage/assemblage. Fiber had not entered the picture at the time. I remember really loving the book, so it was interesting to reread it with a different perspective as a fiber artist. 

She talks a lot about painting in this book and so I would definitely recommend it to painters. She gives you a sense of how it was for young artists in New York in the 50’s which is really interesting. There is also a somewhat shocking connection to Jackson Pollock’s death that I had forgotten! She dispenses little bits of wisdom and observations culled from her lectures over the years. She talks about her painting process and how she works which I always find fascinating.

This is a book that you can pick up and put down. It’s a super quick read. Each page is a snippet of an idea or thought on a particular subject. Depending on your mood, you may be inspired one day and not so inspired the next. This is a book to keep by your bedside for a short, relaxing read before bed.

It’s a bit all over the place but in a good and interesting way. Since she designed the book to be read one or two pages at a time, in no particular order, I don’t mind that it jumps around. 

She has written several other books as well, so this one might set you on the path to reading her other books. As for me, while I enjoyed rereading the book, it didn’t inspire me all over again or get me fired up for new things. Even so, it is a book I would recommend reading. 


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