Knitting a Scarf

Knitting a Scarf….

So dear readers, you may have noticed that I’ve missed a couple of weeks posting on my blog. Oh, I know how you all rush to your inbox on Monday mornings to read my latest post.


Ha! have no illusions. I write about art, work, life and creativity which covers a broad spectrum of topics that interest me. If people want read my musings, that’s great. If not, that’s OK too.

Beginning last June, I decided I wanted to do more writing. So I committed myself to posting to my blog once a week. I’ve stuck to it and it has been a deeply satisfying project. I work a little bit most days and by the end of the week I have a post. Voila!

However, three weeks ago I hit a big bump in the road and real life got in the way. My father had a stroke and my mother did not think he was going to make it. I dropped everything and rushed to Chicago the Monday before Thanksgiving. It was a rough week and a half. I had no head space to write a blog post, nor did I think it was important. The amazing news is that he has recovered with few ill effects and is now in a rehab facility to regain his strength. I think he is going to be back to his normal self soon which is great news! 

When I was frantically packing to go to Chicago, I remembered the last time I my father was gravely ill. I was stuck in the hospital without a project and it drove me crazy. So this time, I ran to the studio and took a quick look at all of my works in progress. Nothing was portable enough to throw in my bag. So I grabbed a couple skeins of yarn, a simple pattern and some knitting needles to make a scarf.

Thank the Lord Jesus, you can always make a scarf! Having a project was a godsend and after a couple of days of knitting at his bedside, my mother took notice and dug out an old knitting project as well. There’s something about knitting in the hospital. It occupies the hands and soothes the soul. Truly a blessing!

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