Getting Back to Basics…

Getting Back to Basics…

A blog post by textile artist Lisa Call, Creating a Sketching Habit, has inspired me to set up a small painting/drawing station in my studio. Last year, I spent an amazing day in the studio drawing and experimenting with all sorts of graphite drawing tools and powders. It was fun but very messy and once I cleaned it up and tucked it away, I never went back to it. Graphite powder and fiber do not play well together! 

sketching desk

I have a small table in my studio overlooking the garden and I think it is perfect for my new work station. I plan to work small and without any preconceived ideas. I’ve cut up a stack of different papers into 6” x 6”  squares because I love working in a square format. I think it stems from my college days as a graphic design student working out all of my ideas on graph paper. It’s so neat and tidy and a good place to start.

As for drawing and painting supplies, after writing Grownups and Art Supplies, I fell down the Dick Blick rabbit hole searching for what I needed to refresh my basic art supplies and I made my list to Santa.

I’m delighted to report that Santa came through! I now have a shiny new box of Prismacolor Pencils and a Winsor Newton artist grade watercolor pan set.  

Next on my list was a good set of high quality watercolor brushes. Now that there are no more children in the house, it stands to reason that they won’t get destroyed. That required a trip to the art store because I can’t pick a brush from a website. I need to feel it!  I had a little Christmas money to spend and I think the brushes were a good investment. 

I’ve stocked my station with my new pencils, good paper, watercolors, brushes and a variety of drawing pencils. It is all handy and ready to go. Now I can sit down for a short amount of time for a quick sketch, or I can spend all day if inspiration strikes! 

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