Art Malaise

Art Malaise…

“I don’t think there’s an artist of any value who doesn’t doubt what they are doing.” Francis Ford Coppola

So, I’ve been going through a period of art malaise lately. It’s not exactly that I have an artist’s block but more that I am just not super excited by anything I’m doing at the moment. I’m a little bored and bright and shiny objects (like the garden or shopping for spring clothes) are distracting me away from the studio. 

I have been able to get back to work on a project that I started last year but at this point, it’s just grunt work and not exactly creative. I want to start something new, but what? I’m like the whiny child laying on the couch on a bright summer day complaining like there’s nothing to do and everything that mother suggests is met with a rolling of the eyes and heavy sighs. 

Where am I going? What am I doing? What’s the point anyway? Who cares? 

It is refreshing to know that a wildly successful and respected director like Frances Ford Coppola can feel doubt.

However, I need to pay attention to his caveat. He’s speaking about artists who have value. Artists who think deeply enough about their work to doubt what they are doing. Artists who wonder what message they want to convey. Artists who worry about their direction.

These are ARTISTS in the largest sense of the word. They don’t dabble, it’s not a hobby. It’s  important work and they are serious enough to doubt it and question it and wonder about their direction. 

Do I think I have value? Do I really think of myself as an artist? I do.

Which brings me to a quote by Picasso, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”  

Yeah…the working thing. Damnit! It’s so annoying. Why can’t inspiration strike while I’m doing something fun like trying on new shoes? Or eating another cookie?

So, I guess I have to listen to my own advice and stop my whining. I will pick myself up and go outside into that bright summer day of creative work. I will spend some more time in the studio working on the boring stuff and if Picasso is right, inspiration had better strike! 

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