Photographing Your Artwork

Photographing Your Artwork…

Small Soldiers 1_website

I think one of the most important things I have done for myself as an artist was to find a professional photographer to photograph my artwork. It’s been an expense that has been well worth the investment. Charley Frieberg in Wilmot, NH is my guy and I thank God I found him. (Thank you Gail Smuda for the tip!)

I try and bring in at least four pieces at a time because my photographer charges by the hour and I can usually get four works photographed in an hour. If I only have a piece or two, I’ll share time with Gail and we will split the bill. I work with Charley to photo-style the artwork according to my vision and I act as a photo assistant by helping him with lights, holding reflective panels, etc. I pick the shots I like and then he will color correct the work and send me the hi res files via Dropbox. 

In a pinch, I will take photos myself but all I have is an iPhone and Photoshop knowledge. The photos just don’t do justice to the work. Here is an example a photo I took of work in progress in my studio from a recent blog post, A Work In Progress.

Full piece

And here is the finished piece as photographed by Charley…

Emergence_View1 _low res

It’s like night and day! Charley’s photo accurately represents the colors and textures of the artwork. 

In the last photo session, Gail and I had  several collaborative works photographed. Due to the scale of the work, we could never have done it ourselves…

Charley Frieberg in action

Sawmill Tea Towels Back and Forth-low res

Sawmill Tea Towels Back and Forth Detail-low res

If you do very flat 2-d work, you can probably get by with your phone camera, but if there is any sort of texture or three dimensional qualities to your work. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional.

You won’t regret it! 

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Photo Credits:
Featured Image Photo: Small Soldiers by Laura Morrison (Photo by Charley Freiberg)
Photo 1: Emergence-Works in Progress by Laura Morrison (Photo by Laura Morrison)
Photo 2: Emergence by Laura Morrison (Photo by Charley Freiberg)
Photo 3: Charley Frieberg in his studio (Photo by Laura Morrison)
Photo 4: At Loose Ends by Laura Morrison and Gail Smuda (Photo by Charley Freiberg)
Photo 4: At Loose Ends-Detail by Laura Morrison and Gail Smuda (Photo by Charley Freiberg)