A Pocket of Slowness

I’ve always been fascinated with trying to live a simpler, slower life. It’s an on-going battle with me because I like to feel super productive and slowing down is so counter-intuitive! 

However, there is one area in my life that has always been slow. I love to have a leisurely breakfast.  

It started when I was a little kid. I loved to read while eating my cereal. My mother would  tell me to stop reading and get ready for school! In high school,  I would make myself cheesy omelets and read for pleasure, not for school. Again, more motherly nudging so that I wouldn’t miss the bus.  

Now, eggs with a side of toast, hot coffee, soft jazz and the local paper is part of my daily routine. After eating and reading, I’ll plan my day and chat with the husband.  

However, I want to squeeze in a bit more because…why not? I would like to add an act of daily creative work into my morning routine.

Jeffrey Yamaguchi who wrote the wonderful little book 52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity writes about squeezing creative work into even the busiest and most demanding of lives with project suggestions that run the gamut from silly to serious. I’ve read about famous authors who got started on their best sellers by writing just one page (or less) before heading out to the horrible day job that kept them alive. I know a few artists who post daily on social media based on a theme.  Some artists do a quick drawing a day. The possibilities are endless. 

I am going start by doing about 15 minutes of writing each day. Maybe I’ll switch it up later, but it’s easy and natural to grab my computer or my journal while I’m still lounging at the breakfast table. 15 extra minutes of “slow” does not really cut into my day and beginning the day with a creative act feels right and fits into my intention to “Work Small/Think Big” for 2020. 

Do you do a daily creative act? If so, I would love to hear what you do!

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